Rack Mount Equipment

We carry several lines of traditional rack mount computers & servers, displays & KVMs, high-speed network capture and record appliances, storage and UPS.  We specialize in rugged and/or long life rack mount equipment as well as a wide range of transit and shipping cases.  Whether it is a long life computer to help forestall obsolescence, or a rugged dual Xeon computer designed to survive the harshest environments, we have you covered.
Powered by the latest rugged NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards, we have several computer systems designed for High-Performance Computing (HPC) and virtualization.  As well as hybrid computers with built in router, managed switch and RAID.
Our power solutions include Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) with lead-acid or Lithium-ion battery packs, inverters, converters and PDU’s.
Transit and shipping cases include roto-mold, roto-blown, aluminum and weatherproof fabric covered (for lightweight solutions).  The cases can utilize foam or a variety of shock isolated racks.
  • Rack Mount Equipment

Military Ethernet switches, rugged routers, USB hubs and media converters that meet the unique SWaP requirements of military applications. Available in both in MIL-STD packaged and board-level ruggedized configurations.

Wide range of transit and shipping cases, features include climate control for extended temperature operation, custom foam inserts to vibration mounts for high performance shock resistance for heavy payloads.

High performance rack mount servers that are designed and developed from the ground up to be ultra-rugged. GMS rugged servers are highly configurable, upgradeable and long-life maintainable. Options include RAID storage, router/switch functionality and LRU maintainability.

All systems are built around powerful industrial strength motherboards. All rackmount workstations can be fully customized to fit your specific application. All systems designed for long life operation.

Designed for installation in 19” equipment racks or portable transit cases using rackslides. Some models include integrated KVMs with LCD, Keyboard & Mouse and display-only models. Single and multi-head displays with a wide range of screen options.

Purpose built, US Navy qualified, Mil-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

The Trestles Time and Frequency System is a rackmount GPS Receiver designed for time and frequency applications including NTP and PTP network time server requirements.

Turnkey customized/automated fiber optic test, measurement & cleaning solutions.